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401     I’ve Been to Memphis     Lyle Lovett
402     I’ve Been Waiting For You     Jessica Andrews
403     I’ve Been Waiting for You     Jessica Andrews
404     I’ve Never Been to Memphis     Billy Ray Martin
405     If a Train Left for Memphis     Continental Divide
406     If I Don’t Be There By Morning     Eric Clapton
407     If I Dont’ Be There By Morning     Bob Dylan
408     If You Catch Me Sleeping     Eilen Jewell
409     In Grafenwohr     Casanovas Schwule Seite
410     In Memphis     David Saks
411     In Memphis     Todd Snider
412     In My Continental     Atmosphere
413     In My Home in Shelby County     Johnny Horton
414     In Need of a Miracle     New Radicals
415     In the Mood for Memphis     Gary Johns
416     In the Mood for Memphis     Susan Marshall
417     In the Rain     Melvins
418     In Their Darkened Shrines     Nile
419     Interlude     Indie.Arie
420     Investigative Reports     Genius
421     It Ain’t Over     Terrence Howard
422     It Came from Memphis     Rosie Flores
423     It Still Rains in Memphis     T.G. Sheppard
424     It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp     Terrence Howard
425     It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp     Three 6 Mafia
426     Jack vs Jose     Peacemakers
427     Jane 6     EMPD
428     Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town     Bessie Smith
429     Jesse     Scott Walker
430     Jesus Mentioned     Warren Zevon
431     Jet Lag     Nazareth
432     Jimmie’s Travelin’ Blues     Jimmie Davis
433     Johnny Bye Bye     Bruce Springsteen
434     Johnny Ryall     Beastie Boys
435     Joy     Lucinda Williams
436     Jug Band Music     Lovin’ Spoonful
437     Jug Band Music     John Sebastian
438     Jug Band Music     Tarbox Ramblers
439     Juke Box Boogie (Memphis Boogie)     Dr. Ross
440     Just a Boy from Memphis     Star Barefoot Walker
441     Just Dropped In     The First Edition
442     Just Dropped In     Kenny Rogers
443     Just Enough Rope     Suzy Bogguss
444     Just Enough To Get To Memphis     Ty Herndon
445     Just Like Candy     Eightball & MJG
446     Just Like New     Wynonna Jude
447     Just Like Us     Three 6 Mafia
448     Just Take Me     Lari White
449     K. C. Jones (On the Road Again)     North Mississippi Allstars
450     Kassie Jones Part 2     Furry Lewis
451     Katie Left Memphis     Percy Wilson and Group
452     Killa Klan     Juicy J
453     Killing A Camera     Braid
454     King Rocker     Billy Idol
455     King Rocker     Generation X
456     King’s Call     Philip Lynott
457     King’s Call     Thin Lizzy
458     Kiss Me     Shelly Fairchild
459     Krispy     Kia Shine
460     La Fievre     N.T.M.
461     La La La     Do or Die
462     Lady Memphis     Johnathan Rice
463     Last Night, Ev’ry Night     Reba McEntire
464     Last Run to Memphis     Del Reeves
465     Last Time I Left Memphis     Jay Hooks
466     Last Time I Saw Memphis     Diffuser
467     Last Train to Memphis     Bobby Charles
468     Last Train to Memphis     The Band
469     Last Train to Memphis     Jason Ringenberg
470     Last Train to Memphis     Johnny Rivers
471     Last Train to Memphis     The Femurs
472     Leather Jackets     Elton John
473     Leavin’ for Memphis     James Harman Band
474     Leavin’ Memphis, Frisco Bound     Jesse Fuller
475     Left My Gal in Memphis     Bubber Miley & His Mileage Makers
476     Let’s Ride     Eightball & MJG
477     Letter to Memphis     The Pixies
478     Lewis Boogie     Jerry Lee Lewis
479     Lewis Boogie Blues     Waylon Payne
480     Life Is a Highway     Tom Cochrane
481     Life Is a Highway     Rascal Flatts
482     Life is a Highway     Chris Ledoux
483     Lights Out     Jennifer Lopez
484     Lights Out     Lisa Marie Presley
485     Lions For Scottie     Hey Rosetta!
486     Liquor and Dat Bud     Three 6 Mafia
487     Little Marie     Chuck Berry
488     Live By Yo Rep     Three 6 Mafia
489     Living in Memphis     Paul Butterfield Blues Band
490     Long Distance Lover     Reba McEntire
491     Long Shadow     Joe Strummer & the
492     Long Way from Memphis     Lonnie Mack & SRV
493     Long Way Home     Bruce Robison
494     Long Way to Memphis     Doug Balance
495     Long Way to Memphis     Harmonica Buzz
496     Long Way to Memphis     Susan Haynes
497     Long Way to Memphis     Runaway Planet
498     Look At The Grillz     Eightball & MJG
499     Look Like You     Lil Wyte
500     Looking For the Killerman     Kevin Gordon